Friday, July 8, 2011

Big Burtha Sculpture Lead To My Music Series Featuring Big Burtha Dancing Spirit

                                                                        "Big Burtha"      

Several weeks ago I created this fabulous female sculpture that a dear friend immediately named "Big Burtha".  At first I thought that may not be "politically correct" but she, the sculpture, insisted that was her name and so she is without a doubt "Big Burtha"!

The day that she was announced on my website, a collector of mine contacted me inquiring about purchasing "Big Burtha".  My dilemma is shipping her cost-effectively to insure her safety. Presently I am selling my sculptures out of my studio for this reason. (If anyone knows of an economical shipping method for delicate sculptures, please contact me.)  Anyway, this joyous sculpture greets me every day and just brings love and smiles to all that see her.  But I I was contemplating the many ideas that were floating around in my brain for my next painting, there was a collision of music and wonderful "Burtha".  Now that's interesting, I thought....hmmmm...old sheet music....where would I get some? 

The next day I was speaking with my sister and mentioned that I was looking for old sheet music.  Immediately she reminded me that she had our old piano bench that is loaded with all our old sheet music from our childhood lessons along with music from my aunts and mother taking lessons.  Bingo!  She sent me a package of random sheets and upon it's arrival I was spellbound.

The music was fantastic!  Old, torn, yellowed, some had hand written notes on them...just great...and my brain was quickly perculating with ideas of how to incorporate these sheets into some artwork.  Hmmmm....what would make this interesting but yet not turn it into a craft project??  And than my sight landed on "Big Burtha" and she just smiled back at me :}

Enter my new series entitled "The Music Series". 
It begins with a painting entitled "Invitation To Dance" incorporating sheet music in the painting entitled "Invitation To The Dance".  This painting made me smile the entire time it was being created and recieved great response from viewers. (Thank you.)

The second painting "Dance" has sheet music of a Sonata by Beethover (his sketch is also in the painting). 
As I was painting this joyous acrylic..."Big Burtha" was nudging me to look at her from across the room, and when I did it was obvious that she belonged in this painting.  Creating a painted image of "Burtha" was so much fun and the final outcome was also very well recieved.

Now when you look at the sculpture of "Big Burtha" she has a very large presence and that presence was about to take off in 2 more paintings that were created simultaneously.
"Spirit Of Dance" and "London Bridge Is Falling" were created this week and I am very pleased with the response they are also gathering.

"London Bridge Is Falling" features, who else....Burtha, being a strong woman as she is keeping the blocks from the bridge from totally collapsing.  Just as all the strong women in this world keep themselves "together".  The music featured in this painting is "London Bridge", of course!  Upon looking at the painting closely, you will see that the small piece of music that is under her foot reads "my fair lady"...because although Burtha is strong...she is always a lady!

In "Spirit Of Dance" Burtha is taking her final bow after her performance of dancing to "Water Sprites", and is perched on the highest part of the stage, which reads..."Paino Music in Sheet Form, 25 cents Each".  I researched was a "water sprite" was and found out that it is a spirit based in mythology that can do many different things :}  Perfect for "Big Burtha"!

I hope you enjoyed reading about Burtha's recent advertures in my studio.  All of these wonderful paintings are posted on my website where you can learn more and view under magnification.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Have a blessed day...and remember to dance as if no one was looking :}

P.S.  Look for my artwork in the August edition of Phoenix Home & Garden.