Sunday, December 12, 2010

"The Red Sash" Paper Clay Sculpture Party Dress with Red Sash on Antique Dress Form

Click here to view under magnification.

I am so excited about my new extension of art...paper clay sculpture! 

This form of sculpting allows me to explore creating by feeling and molding the clay.  It is awakening a wonderful form of expression within me.  I have so many ideas floating in my head and my soul that sculpting is going to allow me to affordably manifest.

Paper clay is just that...clay made from paper.  No firing or actual metal is used and when the piece dries, it hardens as if it has been fired.  I than paint it with acrylics and finish with a UV glaze that creates a visual of metal.  What absolute fun!

I hope that this holiday season brings joyful insight into your soul as you discover the inner you, just as I am.

Please stop by my website and check out my sculpture of "Webster" which can be found in the New Artwork Gallery as well as in the Sculpture Gallery and drop me a note telling me your thoughts or perhaps what you would like to see manifest as a new affordable sculpture.

Have a blessed day of love, light and peace....Amy