Friday, July 8, 2011

Big Burtha Sculpture Lead To My Music Series Featuring Big Burtha Dancing Spirit

                                                                        "Big Burtha"      

Several weeks ago I created this fabulous female sculpture that a dear friend immediately named "Big Burtha".  At first I thought that may not be "politically correct" but she, the sculpture, insisted that was her name and so she is without a doubt "Big Burtha"!

The day that she was announced on my website, a collector of mine contacted me inquiring about purchasing "Big Burtha".  My dilemma is shipping her cost-effectively to insure her safety. Presently I am selling my sculptures out of my studio for this reason. (If anyone knows of an economical shipping method for delicate sculptures, please contact me.)  Anyway, this joyous sculpture greets me every day and just brings love and smiles to all that see her.  But I I was contemplating the many ideas that were floating around in my brain for my next painting, there was a collision of music and wonderful "Burtha".  Now that's interesting, I thought....hmmmm...old sheet music....where would I get some? 

The next day I was speaking with my sister and mentioned that I was looking for old sheet music.  Immediately she reminded me that she had our old piano bench that is loaded with all our old sheet music from our childhood lessons along with music from my aunts and mother taking lessons.  Bingo!  She sent me a package of random sheets and upon it's arrival I was spellbound.

The music was fantastic!  Old, torn, yellowed, some had hand written notes on them...just great...and my brain was quickly perculating with ideas of how to incorporate these sheets into some artwork.  Hmmmm....what would make this interesting but yet not turn it into a craft project??  And than my sight landed on "Big Burtha" and she just smiled back at me :}

Enter my new series entitled "The Music Series". 
It begins with a painting entitled "Invitation To Dance" incorporating sheet music in the painting entitled "Invitation To The Dance".  This painting made me smile the entire time it was being created and recieved great response from viewers. (Thank you.)

The second painting "Dance" has sheet music of a Sonata by Beethover (his sketch is also in the painting). 
As I was painting this joyous acrylic..."Big Burtha" was nudging me to look at her from across the room, and when I did it was obvious that she belonged in this painting.  Creating a painted image of "Burtha" was so much fun and the final outcome was also very well recieved.

Now when you look at the sculpture of "Big Burtha" she has a very large presence and that presence was about to take off in 2 more paintings that were created simultaneously.
"Spirit Of Dance" and "London Bridge Is Falling" were created this week and I am very pleased with the response they are also gathering.

"London Bridge Is Falling" features, who else....Burtha, being a strong woman as she is keeping the blocks from the bridge from totally collapsing.  Just as all the strong women in this world keep themselves "together".  The music featured in this painting is "London Bridge", of course!  Upon looking at the painting closely, you will see that the small piece of music that is under her foot reads "my fair lady"...because although Burtha is strong...she is always a lady!

In "Spirit Of Dance" Burtha is taking her final bow after her performance of dancing to "Water Sprites", and is perched on the highest part of the stage, which reads..."Paino Music in Sheet Form, 25 cents Each".  I researched was a "water sprite" was and found out that it is a spirit based in mythology that can do many different things :}  Perfect for "Big Burtha"!

I hope you enjoyed reading about Burtha's recent advertures in my studio.  All of these wonderful paintings are posted on my website where you can learn more and view under magnification.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Have a blessed day...and remember to dance as if no one was looking :}

P.S.  Look for my artwork in the August edition of Phoenix Home & Garden.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Reflections", "Treasure", "Inside" ~ The truth of creating, living and struggling ~ Amy Tuso

Texture and Layers of Acrylic and Glazes

Thick Pulls of Oil ~ Detailed Mosaics

Texture, Acrylic Pours, Knife Work

Life has been busy for me...just as it is for you.  Since my last posting, I've had minor surgery and many doctor visits...all with good outcomes  Prayers answered.  And then there is the usual business of just, cleaning, laundry, errands and watching over momma.  Throw in the business end of running a studio/gallery, research, appointments, office time, planning and the most important part of an art business....creating!

My mind has been "percolating" lately.  It's almost as if its' stretching out there with the "what-if's"...what if we try this, what if we do that, what if we venture out of our comfort zone, what if we push our creativity...and than...............crash.  Shut down.  Need to rest and recover from all the "what-iffing". 

There is no fighting the creative need for just have to let it recover on it's own and let the "percolating" finishing the cycle.

Just as my body was crying out from all the extra demands, my mind and soul demanded that they be allowed to regroup, rest, rejuvenate.  Voila...pieces are falling into place and creativity is busting loose!

There are many exciting things in store for AT Studio on the near horizon.  In asking for His guidance and that He walk along side of me leading me to my lessons, teaching me my lessons and most importantly helping me learn my lessons...I can see the pathway and am grateful.

This article appeared in my email today and I found it to be affirmation for me and all of us who work from home...because, although we are "home"....we truly are working the hardest we ever have.

Connecting With Your Inner Despot
by Carolyn Henderson

This article is by Carolyn Henderson, the managing half of Steve Henderson Fine Art. She is a Regular contributing writer for FineArtViews and her freelance writing appears in regional newspapers, online magazines, and her humor blog, Middle-Aged Plague.

This is not a sentiment that sells greeting cards, but sometimes, you've just gotta get away from the people you love.

And if you're trying to paint, or sculpt, or write, or in some other way create an artwork that you plan to market, this is seriously, seriously necessary.

As I keyboard this, I am in the public library, surrounded by computer-using patrons ranging from the 11-year-old boy who is saving the galaxy from zombies (homework, obviously), to the under-twenty couple draped over one another in a single chair, to the irritated woman who is either working on her overdue taxes or trying to figure out her shipping options at Amazon. Of course, she's also squeezed right next to the two people who function as one.

Lest you think that I am distracted, be aware that I do not know any of these humanoids personally (for which I am profoundly grateful), and none of them is going to ask me 1) what we're eating for dinner, 2) who is responsible for making it tonight, 3) which animal ate a hole in the sock, 4) why the mail hasn't come yet, 5) who left the milk on the counter, or 6) how long it's been since the dog's been put out. Neither will any of them exclaim that the cat is using the plant pot, or slam the door on the way out, on the way in, and on the way out again.

Yes, I work at home.

So do you, I imagine, if you paint or sculpt, and whether or not it's your day job, you probably have stories of your own.

Now frequently our household loved ones are our best supporters, our cheering section, our sounding boards, our confidantes, and our sturdy shoulders against to lean, but at the same time, simply by virtue of their breathing the same air with us, they can also be . . .


So every so often, I get away from them.

As a rule, I like being in the hub of things, preferring not to isolate myself from humanity and the dog kingdom, and I'm pretty good at looking people in the eye while maintaining 60 words per minute, but some days I've had enough, and I find that retreating to a public arena allows me an altered working environment and fresh distractions than what I am accustomed to.

I guess you'd say that I write, en plein aire.

Face it, reality is, unless you isolate yourself in a separate building, without phone, without windows, and with a crocodile-infested moat in front of the door, you will be unable to count on blocks and chunks of pristinely quiet uninterrupted time. So Gauguin ran off to Tahiti to get away from it all; he still dealt with . . . um . . . distractions. Someone will call; someone will burst into your inner sanctum; someone will hover outside the door at the edge of your peripheral vision.

How much this happens, however, can be controlled without running off to Tahiti, as long as you assert your right to connect with your inner dictator:

1) Accept that you are an artist, and that you need time and space to create. Once you have gotten this through your own brain, drive it into the brains of the people around you. Tell them, point blank, when you want to be left alone, and for how long. Then pray.

2) If you are trying to make money or a potential living by your art, be extra firm, just like tofu. Although it takes awhile to turn a profit, it won't get done if you don't have a product. Believe in yourself and in what you're doing, and others will follow. But they won't lead the way.

3) Carve out your space. It may not be a separate barn studio, complete with locking doors, like the Norwegian Artist enjoys. (He also deals with goats peering through the window as he works.) It may be a desk in the piano room, eight feet from the front door (Home Office Space -- the Final Frontier). The key thing is that it is YOURS. If you have small children, YOURS may have to be packed away in a cardboard box at the end of every session, but don't feel guilty that you're staking a claim. Just make sure to store it out of reach.

4) Be realistic. If you share living space with anyone other than a goldfish, you will be interrupted. Discuss with the people in your life your expectations and theirs, and communicate. Be willing to give -- and take.

5) Shoot the phone. Honestly, why do so many people choose to carry one of these things around with them everywhere?
This article appears courtesy of FineArtViews by FASO Artist Websites,
a free email newsletter about art, marketing, inspiration and fine living for artists,
collectors and galleries (and anyone else who loves art).
This article originally appeared at:
For a complimentary subscription, visit:

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to stop by and see what I've been up to...blessings, light and most of

Monday, April 18, 2011

Patagonia Village

Multiple Layers of Acrylic & Glaze
Textured Acrylic
Gallery-Wrapped Canvas

A short while ago, I created "Patagonia" and it had been on display in my gallery.  I had the pleasure of sharing a visit with a collector who fell in love with this highly textured, acrylic painting.  (Click here to view the textural details.)  He commented that he loved the layers of colors mixed with the texture and found "surprises" within the painting when viewing it. 

He took it home to see how it would look next to his hutch, as well as to share with his wife, on loan.  A few days later, he came back delighted with this piece of art and asked if I could create a companion piece to hang on the opposite side of their hutch...of course, I was more than happy to do this for them.  And so, I created a few sketches of other parts of my imagined Patagonia Village.  

The day that I started to paint the companion piece, while looking at my chosen sketch, I had the inspiration to make this artwork interchangeable on either edge of the original "Patagonia" .  In other words, I thought that perhaps the day may come that my collector would like to display other artwork along side of his hutch and this would give them other options for displaying "Patagonia Village" while creating a larger painting as a dyptichon.

"Patagonia II"
Multiple Layers of Acrylic & Glaze
Textured Acrylic 
Gallery-Wrapped Canvas

Looking at "Patagonia II" you find yourself within an opitical illusion as both side edges are continuations of both side edges of "Patagonia" with the twist that they line up flipped from side-to-side along the original painting as shown below.

"Patagonia Village"

In this view, the small building joins in the middle to create the continuation of it.

"Patagonia Village"

In this view the tall building joins together creating the center continuation of it.

Very fun to create, loads of "surprises" as my collector says within the texture and layers of colors with the added bonus of changing a single 30"x10"x1.5" painting into a 30"x20"x1.5" dyptichon.

I hope this day brings you multiple options for joy and many blessings...Amy

Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Orangecicle", "Hidden", "Drawing Class", "Sasha" ~ New Art, Learning and Corrections ~ Amy Tuso

Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Textured, Layered, Acrylic & Glaze
*Signature on back of Canvas*

Mixed Media, Acrylic, Texture, Glaze, Collage
*Signature on back of Canvas*

(* The reason for my signing the back of the canvas on all abstracts is to bring my collectors into the creative process allowing their vision to dictate how they hang and view their new artwork and offering the option to "change-it-up" from time-to-time by rotating the painting for a new look. )


I've been attending Scottsdale Artists' School on a scholarship (thank you so very much!) taking a drawing class under the direction of Larry Charles. 

As a self-taught artist, this challenging class is my very first professional drawing class and I am enjoying the experience immensely.  Larry is a wonderful teacher and pushes his students to gain a new way of "seeing", "understanding" and moving forward.

The class has a diverse group of 15 people, which makes for a very interesting growth period as we look at each others' work and learn from our struggles!

The following are some of my drawing assignments.  In looking at them retrospectively, growth is apparent (at least to me :}).  Take a peek and feel my own struggles with creating a drawing with nothing more than a pencil and eraser....yikes.......

Listening to Larry and actually understanding what he is presenting lead me to re-visit "Sasha" and make a few very important changes.  Maybe you can see them, maybe not...

Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Available Here

As spring is arriving, new growth is happening.  Thank you for taking this journey with me.
Have a blessed day filled with beauty...Amy

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Although I've not been blogging...creating has been hopping!

Paperclay Sculpture

This month has proven to be challenging with both Jack and I ping-ponging nasty colds and flu back and forth.  Add into the mix of my mother recovering from a bad fall injuring her knee requiring several various doctor visits, as well as being her advocate at the assisted living facility where she currently resides. 

And art has once again become my refuge!

The paperclay sculpture entitled "Saturday Shopping" is heavily influenced by my childhood and growing up under the watchful eye of my Russian grandmother, Mary.  She and my grandfather had a chicken farm in southern New Jersey where I spent a vast amount of time while my parents were off playing.  Every Saturday morning she would put on her "good clothes" and off to town we would go to pick up the supplies needed for the upcoming week.  It was always a treat to climb in the back of her big black Buick and visit with her brother, Uncle Pete, whom we would meet in front of the Jewish deli where more delights awaited!  Ah, sweet and full of love.


It was during my childhood that the cartoon "Bullwinkle" was a huge hit on black and white TV...again the joy of watching cartoons was an early Saturday morning ritual that would spark my imagination with happy fantasies. 

And so, while I have been trying to "escape" from the demands of adulthood while creating... "Bullwinkle" came to mind and developed from a mound of clay into this really charming, whimsical paperclay sculpture.

Paperclay Sculpture


A dear friend of mind had mentioned how much she like my original "Love Bowl".  She recently had a major milestone marked in her life and I felt she could use some extra love surrounding her.  I packed up my prize- winning (February Contemporary Fine Art International) sculpture, and it is happily residing with her on the east coast. 

This development lead to the creation/birth of "Love Bowl II" which is a larger version, but equally overflowing with love, light and joy.

Paperclay Sculpture


Living in Fountain Hills, Arizona I am surrounded with desert beauty!  The following 2 oil paintings, "Butterfly Cactus" and "3's Company" are from my imagination mixed with some realism. 

Color, lots of colors, mixed, mingled, complimenting, juxtaposing create these 2 beauties.  Viewing them in person is really an experience, as the camera just can't seem to capture all of the variants in each stroke.

If you would like to view any of my pieces under magnification, just click on the highlighted titles which will take you to their pages on my website where you can play with various sizes of magnifying.




And so you can see, even though I haven't been studio is bustling along and allowing me a gentle refuge for this thing we call life.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by here and my website. Wishing you good health, peace, light and love for you and your loved ones.........Amy

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jack and Amy Tuso~AT Studio Greening of Downtown Leaf Plaque

"Jack and Amy Tuso~AT Studio Plaque"

This sculpture in Fountain Hills Park is quickly filling up with donation plaques for the "Greening Of Downtown" project.  Our leaf was added a few weeks right corner spot.
The day that I stopped to read the plaques, specifically looking if ours had been added, the wind chime enclosed in the center of the sculpture started to lightly chime...almost as if telling me "I'm here!".

Normally at this time of the morning I would be walking around the park...but BRRRRRRR!  Our current temperature is 29 degrees with wind chills of 16 degrees.

Just before Jack was getting ready to leave the house, our power went out...not something that normally happens here in sunny, warm, power lines buried under ground Fountain Hills!  The house was suddenly pitch black and weird.

I have to laugh at Jack and myself...we lived on the southern coast of NJ most of our lives and were used to bad weather, howling winds, pounding rains...days of rains, ice, snow and yes, extended power outages.
We definitely have become desert lizards....skittish ones at that! 

The cold temperature, mixed with the high winds has me wishing I wasn't going out today...jeez!  I mean good grief...the skies are blue, the sun is shining, the power is back on and the temperature for the day will reach mid 40's. Get a grip!  And so, I'm off to pull up my big girl pants and head out for a day of painting with two of my best girlfriends...I'll just be wearing several, maybe 3-4 layers of clothes to keep my lizard thermostat moderated..............

I will be posting the oil painting that I'm presently creating on my website within the week. If you would like to automatically be notified with a link to view it, please go to my website and click on the link at the bottom of any of the pages to be "Notify Me Of New Art By This Artist" and enter your information.

Have a great day, stay warm and feel the inner heat of love...Blessings...Amy

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Love Bowl

"The Love Bowl"
PaperClay Sculpture

Perfect Affordable Valentine's Day Gift

I just learned that I won 2nd place in the Contemporary Fine Art International January's art contest...gotta luv surprises!

Wishing you a blessed day full of wonderful surprises...Amy

Friday, January 28, 2011

Morning Walk Around The Park

Greening of Downtown Project
Donors Commemorative Plaque Sculpture

I've often written about my morning meditative walk around the park in my town, Fountain Hills and thought you might like to see some of the beauty that surrounds me.

Most of you know that Fountain Hills is in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona approximately 30 miles northeast of Phoenix.  What may surprise some is the vast amount of greenery we live among.  I've have been asked in the past if our landscape only consists of barren sand, rocks and cacti...and as you see from this photo, the answer is a huge no.

Currently Fountain Hills Cultural and Civic Association is spearheading a project called "Greening of Downtown" which is a private/public cooperative securing donations and grants that are paying for desert-adapted trees, low-water landscape gardens and native species of wildflower gardens along with park benches. 

This mornings' walk was on brisk side...for a desert lizard as myself...I think it was in the mid 50's...enough to make my eyes tear and nose run from the cold.  (Do I hear some snickering?)  Anyway, the lake is full of visiting geese, coots, pinhead ducks along with our regular mallards and herons.  The turtles that live in the lake have not made themselves known and are staying deep within the water for warmth.

Our other "snowbirds" (human winter visitors) are also enjoying the park for their early morning walks and are easily identifiable because they are wearing shorts with light jackets or sweatshirts.  Us Arizonians are bundled up, wearing gloves and hats...burrrr:}

As the rest of the US is experiencing snow, freezing rain...all is wonderful here with the expected high of 72 this afternoon...still on the chilly side, but no complaints!

Hope you have a blessed day and please take a few moments to enjoy my artwork by clicking here.

Monday, January 24, 2011

"Pairing" Mixed Media Textured Acrylic Color Blends Thought Provoking Abstract by Daily Painter Amy Tuso

Mixed Media
Loads of Texture
Beautiful Color Blends
Gallery Wrapped Canvas

I completed this beautiful painting a few days ago and absolutely love the completed piece.
Click here to view under magnification and see the multiple color blends.

Creating art is such a magical experience for me.  Instinct takes over as I reach for colors and tools.  As I step back from my work to see where I am and where I am going, inspiration comes rapidly and I find myself back in the magical place of creating.

The color scheme of "Pairing" is unique for me.  Although this piece has softer blends than my normal palette, I appreciate the pop of colors emerging throughout the piece.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my newest creation.
Have a blessed day...Amy

Monday, January 17, 2011

"Gathering" Spiritual Angels Emerging From Pulled Layered Oil Abstract Painting by Fountain Hills, AZ Artist~Amy Tuso

Pulled Oil

This "pulled oil" painting is going to be auctioned at "AAHA!" which stands for "An Auction Of Heirlooms & Art" held by Hospice of the Valley in Phoenix, AZ on Saturday, March 5, 2011.

AAHA! features both silent and live auctions of collectible art, antiques and art-related items to raise money for Hospice of the Valley end-of-life care programs and services.  This year's event will be held at the Arizona Biltmore Resort.

AAHA! draws over 300 guests and begins with a cocktail reception where guests browse the "art gallery" of silent auction items.  A live auction and sit-down dinner and entertainment follow.

A fellow artist brought AAHA! to my attention as she has a warm spot in her heart for Hospice, just as I do.  Both of us have experienced the wonderful services of Hospice through our respective fathers end-of-life journeys.

I cannot say enough about Hospice and the Earth Angels that work with this outstanding organization!  Hospice treated my father with dignity, respect, compassion along with coordinating his health care and pain management superbly.  Our Earth Angel became one of our family members and extended her respect and compassion to my mother and sisters, as well as myself.

I am so pleased to be able to contribute my painting "Gathering" for their fundraiser.

Should you be considering making a tax-deductible gift, please consider your local Hospice as a possibility and if you are in the Phoenix area there are tickets available to attend this wonderful function at the Biltmore.

God bless Hospice.  God bless you.

Monday, January 10, 2011

"Sasha" Palette Knife Oil Nude On Abstract Copper Background Modern Figurative Painting by Amy Tuso

Gallery Wrapped

To learn more and view under magnification click here.

"Sasha" whispered her name to me as I was working on her facial features...and it just fit!

This painting is unique for me as it is the first time I was guided to use a palette knife while working on a human body.  As I was applying the oil with the knife and scraping the canvas the layering effect that was created astounded me.  Click here to view it under magnification.

The only brush work is in her facial, hair and necklace detailing.

It was extremely difficult to capture the true tones through the camera.  If you live in the Scottsdale area and would like to view "Sasha" in person, contact me to set up an appointment for a studio visit.

Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed day....Amy

Monday, December 27, 2010

Listening For The Title.....

Progression of this commissioned oil nude and still listening for her name...

Hope you had a very merry Christmas...
light, love and peace...Amy

Monday, December 20, 2010

Listening For The Title.....

This is a large 48"x38"x1.5" commissioned nude oil in it's very early stages.  As it progresses I will post updates.  The background is showing a glare in this photo as it is a mix of orange, iron oxide, copper and yellow ochre.

Check back in a few days to follow it's progression and if you have any title suggestions contact me through my website contact page...and while there...look around and enjoy!

Have a blessed day, filled with light, love and joy.....Amy

Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Mosaic Series" Complete Oil Mosaic Series, Nautilus, Gemstones, Custom Oil Colors Palette, Intricate, Colorful, Evolution by Fountain Hills, Arizona Fine Artist~Amy Tuso

This series was inspired by "mother nature" and all the beauty that surrounds us.
As I studied the evolution of the Nautilus it became abundantly clear this creature masters the art of moving forward with doorway at a time...until the ultimate journey home to our Father.

The first and last images shown here are done completely in oils and measure 36"x36"x1.5" on gallery wrapped canvas.

The other five pieces (counting 2 for the dyptichon) all have deep layers of black acrylic as the background with oils comprising the intricate mosaic pieces.

My use of black was to emulate the "spaciousness" of time allowing one to sense the floating that a nautilus experiences in the sea.

Each piece took extended periods of time to create allowing the oil to cure properly before adding additional layers of oil to the mosaics.

To view these beautiful oils under magnification click here.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoying a bit of your day with me!
Have a blessed day and may it be filled with light, love and peace....Amy

Sunday, December 12, 2010

"The Red Sash" Paper Clay Sculpture Party Dress with Red Sash on Antique Dress Form

Click here to view under magnification.

I am so excited about my new extension of art...paper clay sculpture! 

This form of sculpting allows me to explore creating by feeling and molding the clay.  It is awakening a wonderful form of expression within me.  I have so many ideas floating in my head and my soul that sculpting is going to allow me to affordably manifest.

Paper clay is just that...clay made from paper.  No firing or actual metal is used and when the piece dries, it hardens as if it has been fired.  I than paint it with acrylics and finish with a UV glaze that creates a visual of metal.  What absolute fun!

I hope that this holiday season brings joyful insight into your soul as you discover the inner you, just as I am.

Please stop by my website and check out my sculpture of "Webster" which can be found in the New Artwork Gallery as well as in the Sculpture Gallery and drop me a note telling me your thoughts or perhaps what you would like to see manifest as a new affordable sculpture.

Have a blessed day of love, light and peace....Amy

Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Souls' Journey" Chakra Essence Alzheimer's Searching Oil Painting by Arizona Daily Painter Amy Tuso

Gallery-Wrapped Canvas

In honor of Alzheimer's Awareness I am offering this original painting at a 50% discount from its' original price on my website. If you are interested in purchasing this provoking oil painting, contact me and I will make the necessary changes in pricing.

There are many Alzheimer's Awareness Walks happening across the country today.  My family is very familiar with this memory robbing disease as 3 of our loved ones have been lead through this very difficult journey.  An aunt and uncle have died from Alzheimer's and my mother is presently in its' grip. 

I am pleased to share that mom is in a rather good phase presently...if there is such a thing.  Her moods have stabilized and she seems happily content although she struggles with her words and any changes to her routine causes major confusion.

I am very thankful for her doctor and the early recognition as to what was happening.  Medications were started about 2 years ago and although the meds won't stop this memory thief, I believe that they have helped in slowing the robbery.  She has peaks and valleys but with the help of open discussion between her doctor, me and mom there are times that she truly understands what is happening...and I look at that as a blessing. 

I am offering this painting at a discount of 50% and will make a donation to the
Alzheimer's Association with the proceeds.

Blessings to you and yours...Amy

Prayer for a cure of Alzheimer's

Daily Painter from Fountain Hills Arizona
Creating Original Oil Acrylic Textural Abstract Contemporary Modern ART

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Taste" Tropical Multicolored Whimsical Bloom Bumble Bee Oil Original by Arizona Daily Painter Amy Tuso

Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Artwork Continues on the Sides

To view this lovely tropical flower under magnification click here.

This was such a FUN painting to create!  The background is oil blends over a textured canvas offering depth and dimension.  Once that was dry (which takes a long time with reds) I let my imagination go with the flow...feeling the petals of the flower connect through my minds' eye and brush strokes.  Bright colors standing on their own merit along with blends of multiple colors creating unique tones came together...right down to the pollen falling off of the stamens.

It was at the very end...or when I "thought" this beauty was finished that a bumble bee started buzzing in my brain and landed at the bottom of the petal covered with pollen...and Taste was completed!

Isn't that the way of life and life's lessons....just when we think we "know" the way or "understand" something/someone fully, a surprise or another question pops up.  What a blessing He gives us every day, with each challenge, each victory, each joy when we are open to hearing all that He is saying.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.  Remember to pop on over to my website often as I'm constantly adding new art and while you're there, click on the "Notify Me" link, fill in the form to be one of the first to view new pieces along with my email listing.  There are many new ideas and interesting things brewing that I'll soon announce via email. 

BTW, your email address is NEVER disclosed to anyone...Promise!

Have a blessed day and listen for His whispers...Amy

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fairy Tale Pumpkin by Amy H. Whitehouse |

Fairy Tale Pumpkin by Amy H. Whitehouse

Amy and I painted together today and once again totally enjoyed each others' art energy. I always gain inspiration from Amy and learn simply by painting together.

Stop by artalee where I just posted her wonderful painting "Fairy Tale Pumpkin" and than visit her blog to see more of her lovely art.

Friday, October 15, 2010

"Dwellings" Texture Vibrant Colors Metallic Cliff Dwellings Southwest Original Acrylic Painting By Daily Painter ~ Amy Tuso

Acrylic Mixed Media

"Dwellings" is my imaginative depiction of a village high on a cliff with canyon walls surrounding the homes in beauty.  Take a few moments and view this painting under magnification for a closer look at the detail and allow your imagination to soak in the colors of the canyon walls of the desert southwest.

The last few weeks have been very healing for me as I looked at my life under magnification without judgement but with His guidance.  The simple act of "being still" and allowing my inner voice to be heard (His guidance) has lead me to answers that I was seeking. 

My personal "Dwelling" ~ mind, body and soul ~ had become cluttered with the rust of others.  I came to realize that it is perfectly fine to "dump" their issues and concentrate on myself, my life, my husband and sacred space.

Accepting the true fact that we cannot "do it" for others is not only freeing to ourselves but empowering to the  people in our lives when they realize they can stand on their own without clinging on in weakness.

I have posted a link to a song "With My Own Two Hands" that I found wonderfully happy...I hope you enjoy it.

Have a blessed day...Amy

KarmaTube: Ben Harper: My Own Two Hands

KarmaTube: Ben Harper: My Own Two Hands

Friday, October 8, 2010

"Dream State" Colorful Silky Dream Abstract by Daily Painter from Fountain Hills AZ Amy Tuso

Layered Palette Knifed Abstract
Gallery Wrapped Canvas

"Dream State" looks like dyed silk in person and is a lovely mix of colors, blends and tones.
It is also available as a giclee, print, poster or greeting card through Fine Art America.

My husband and I returned from a wonderfully restful and restorative vacation on the beach in Oceanside, CA this past weekend and it has taken me all week to catch up with pending business, shipping out paintings, bookkeeping, emails...yada, yada, other words ~ life.

Our weather took a bazaar turn earlier this week with massive storms and huge hail.  Unfortunately my husbands' truck did not fair well and lost to the hail. We are now waiting for our insurance company to figure out how they are going to handle our claim.  We are not alone in this, as my agent told me yesterday morning that at that point they had over 8300 claims with more rolling in due to the tornadoes that hit northern AZ.  These claims are being handled as "catastrophic" due to the vastness of property damage.  There are people who lost their homes in the Flagstaff/Belmont area but luckily, through the grace of God no lives were lost.

Prayer. The power of prayer is a source of refuge and guidance.  During our time at the beach, as I watched the tide bring waves crashing in and rolling out, there was prayer.  I prayed in gratitude, thanksgiving, release and hope.  I prayed for healing for both my physical pain brought on by stress that reignited my fibromyalgia and  I prayed for mental healing, release and peace for both my mother and myself.  I prayed for guidance and heard Him tell me that I had done all I could and I cannot do everything for mom.  He reminded me that even in her aging state, she still has free will and I must accept this. 

I understand this on a deeper level than I have in the past.  We cannot "do it" for others...only for ourselves.  We must live our life in the present aware in this moment. This can be achieved with His guidance and with our ears and heart open to hear and receive.

This week has been a very busy time for me but yet I am surprisingly more relaxed than I have been in a very long time.  For this I give Him gratitude.  I am grateful for today, for life today, for my life and all of the blessings and abundance that fills who I am. 

May you have a blessed day and acknowledge each moment as part of your uniqueness and beauty.

Thank you for sharing a moment with me...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Little Roper" Young Cowboy Southwest Acrylic Original ~ Amy Tuso

"Little Roper"

This charming young cowboy with his mischievous smile and eyes is hanging in a collectors home here in Fountain Hills.

While I was painting this young man the presence of my father was with me and while working on the facial features I realized I was looking at my father's eyes and smile. 

I felt my father's presence very strongly yesterday as I was digesting all that transpired during my tending to moma.  What should have been a very easy chore and visit turned into a difficult confrontation with Alzheimer's.  I thought I was speaking with moma...until the situation was out of bounds.

That's part of the strangeness of this see glimpses of your loved one and out of habit you speak to that glimpse...somewhat hesitantly, but still think you are carrying on a conversation with them until all of a sudden...the realization hits.

Once I returned to my home I crumpled while sitting in my favorite red leather chair in my studio.  I felt my dad comforting me...he used to call me Missy and he was addressing me that way.  My mother confuses me with my father at my heart, or is it my trying to rationalize the
bickering that she pulls me into...anyway, she is coming from a point of love as she loved my father greatly, so her confusing me for him stems from her love for the both of us. 

Anger, hurt, despair, many emotions at once...I can only imagine what is happening in her mind when this rotten disease takes control...

I pray for guidance in finding the correct, loving pathway so I don't bring hurt to moma and I am able to keep the anger and irrationalities of Alzheimer's out of our loving home...our spiritual sanctuary and place of refuge.  Please pray for me and all the other families that are dealing with this horrible disease.

It's too late for my mother and many others...but please pray for a cure for Alzheimer's...the robber of souls, minds, memories and eventually the physical body.