Friday, January 28, 2011

Morning Walk Around The Park

Greening of Downtown Project
Donors Commemorative Plaque Sculpture

I've often written about my morning meditative walk around the park in my town, Fountain Hills and thought you might like to see some of the beauty that surrounds me.

Most of you know that Fountain Hills is in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona approximately 30 miles northeast of Phoenix.  What may surprise some is the vast amount of greenery we live among.  I've have been asked in the past if our landscape only consists of barren sand, rocks and cacti...and as you see from this photo, the answer is a huge no.

Currently Fountain Hills Cultural and Civic Association is spearheading a project called "Greening of Downtown" which is a private/public cooperative securing donations and grants that are paying for desert-adapted trees, low-water landscape gardens and native species of wildflower gardens along with park benches. 

This mornings' walk was on brisk side...for a desert lizard as myself...I think it was in the mid 50's...enough to make my eyes tear and nose run from the cold.  (Do I hear some snickering?)  Anyway, the lake is full of visiting geese, coots, pinhead ducks along with our regular mallards and herons.  The turtles that live in the lake have not made themselves known and are staying deep within the water for warmth.

Our other "snowbirds" (human winter visitors) are also enjoying the park for their early morning walks and are easily identifiable because they are wearing shorts with light jackets or sweatshirts.  Us Arizonians are bundled up, wearing gloves and hats...burrrr:}

As the rest of the US is experiencing snow, freezing rain...all is wonderful here with the expected high of 72 this afternoon...still on the chilly side, but no complaints!

Hope you have a blessed day and please take a few moments to enjoy my artwork by clicking here.