Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Souls' Journey" Chakra Essence Alzheimer's Searching Oil Painting by Arizona Daily Painter Amy Tuso

Gallery-Wrapped Canvas

In honor of Alzheimer's Awareness I am offering this original painting at a 50% discount from its' original price on my website. If you are interested in purchasing this provoking oil painting, contact me and I will make the necessary changes in pricing.

There are many Alzheimer's Awareness Walks happening across the country today.  My family is very familiar with this memory robbing disease as 3 of our loved ones have been lead through this very difficult journey.  An aunt and uncle have died from Alzheimer's and my mother is presently in its' grip. 

I am pleased to share that mom is in a rather good phase presently...if there is such a thing.  Her moods have stabilized and she seems happily content although she struggles with her words and any changes to her routine causes major confusion.

I am very thankful for her doctor and the early recognition as to what was happening.  Medications were started about 2 years ago and although the meds won't stop this memory thief, I believe that they have helped in slowing the robbery.  She has peaks and valleys but with the help of open discussion between her doctor, me and mom there are times that she truly understands what is happening...and I look at that as a blessing. 

I am offering this painting at a discount of 50% and will make a donation to the
Alzheimer's Association with the proceeds.

Blessings to you and yours...Amy

Prayer for a cure of Alzheimer's

Daily Painter from Fountain Hills Arizona
Creating Original Oil Acrylic Textural Abstract Contemporary Modern ART