Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Taste" Tropical Multicolored Whimsical Bloom Bumble Bee Oil Original by Arizona Daily Painter Amy Tuso

Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Artwork Continues on the Sides

To view this lovely tropical flower under magnification click here.

This was such a FUN painting to create!  The background is oil blends over a textured canvas offering depth and dimension.  Once that was dry (which takes a long time with reds) I let my imagination go with the flow...feeling the petals of the flower connect through my minds' eye and brush strokes.  Bright colors standing on their own merit along with blends of multiple colors creating unique tones came together...right down to the pollen falling off of the stamens.

It was at the very end...or when I "thought" this beauty was finished that a bumble bee started buzzing in my brain and landed at the bottom of the petal covered with pollen...and Taste was completed!

Isn't that the way of life and life's lessons....just when we think we "know" the way or "understand" something/someone fully, a surprise or another question pops up.  What a blessing He gives us every day, with each challenge, each victory, each joy when we are open to hearing all that He is saying.

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Have a blessed day and listen for His whispers...Amy