Friday, October 8, 2010

"Dream State" Colorful Silky Dream Abstract by Daily Painter from Fountain Hills AZ Amy Tuso

Layered Palette Knifed Abstract
Gallery Wrapped Canvas

"Dream State" looks like dyed silk in person and is a lovely mix of colors, blends and tones.
It is also available as a giclee, print, poster or greeting card through Fine Art America.

My husband and I returned from a wonderfully restful and restorative vacation on the beach in Oceanside, CA this past weekend and it has taken me all week to catch up with pending business, shipping out paintings, bookkeeping, emails...yada, yada, other words ~ life.

Our weather took a bazaar turn earlier this week with massive storms and huge hail.  Unfortunately my husbands' truck did not fair well and lost to the hail. We are now waiting for our insurance company to figure out how they are going to handle our claim.  We are not alone in this, as my agent told me yesterday morning that at that point they had over 8300 claims with more rolling in due to the tornadoes that hit northern AZ.  These claims are being handled as "catastrophic" due to the vastness of property damage.  There are people who lost their homes in the Flagstaff/Belmont area but luckily, through the grace of God no lives were lost.

Prayer. The power of prayer is a source of refuge and guidance.  During our time at the beach, as I watched the tide bring waves crashing in and rolling out, there was prayer.  I prayed in gratitude, thanksgiving, release and hope.  I prayed for healing for both my physical pain brought on by stress that reignited my fibromyalgia and  I prayed for mental healing, release and peace for both my mother and myself.  I prayed for guidance and heard Him tell me that I had done all I could and I cannot do everything for mom.  He reminded me that even in her aging state, she still has free will and I must accept this. 

I understand this on a deeper level than I have in the past.  We cannot "do it" for others...only for ourselves.  We must live our life in the present aware in this moment. This can be achieved with His guidance and with our ears and heart open to hear and receive.

This week has been a very busy time for me but yet I am surprisingly more relaxed than I have been in a very long time.  For this I give Him gratitude.  I am grateful for today, for life today, for my life and all of the blessings and abundance that fills who I am. 

May you have a blessed day and acknowledge each moment as part of your uniqueness and beauty.

Thank you for sharing a moment with me...