Saturday, September 19, 2009

"The Whatever Train" ~ Amy Tuso, Fountain Hills, Arizona

“The Whatever Train”
A dytichon of 5” x 7” gallery wrapped canvases

This train emerged from my doodling while on the phone listening to family issues. As the conversation was going on and on, I was thinking “whatever!” and with each “whatever!” thought, another train car was being drawn. I kept the sketch for some time and would find myself reaching for it during ongoing phone conversations.

One day I had the thought of how wonderful it would be if in reality we could load up a train car with “whatever!” the issues were and send the train on its way removing the problem from our plate.

I now use this visualization regularly and so do many of my friends. “Whatever!” has taken on a whole new meaning and at times "Whatever!" isn’t just a frustration... but in fact a release!

You can have your own train painted with …whatever…you would like it to spell out. All you need to do is contact me.