Monday, July 26, 2010

"Vision" Rolled Acrylic Face ~ Amy Tuso


"Vision" was an exercise in learning a new technique while taking a class with Bruce Marion.  He had me hang a large piece of canvas on the wall and apply a textural compound.  Once that was dry, all I was to use was a paint roller and my imagination. 

Through this exercise I gained a few things...expansion of my mind, faith that I would create, understanding that "my way" isn't always the "only way", permission to let my inner child play, acceptance that ART is in the eye of the beholder and self expression.

"Vision" reminded me that when I "let go" and "let my soul flow" without the preconceived restraints  of what "should" be...creativity is freeing.

The time period that I am walking in my life presently is also reminding me what I know to be true..."Let go and let God" and my authentic self will follow.

Have a blessed day...and thanks for stopping by!  Amy

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