Friday, July 30, 2010

"Circle Of Friends" Textured Imprinted Sculpted Multi-tonal Acrylic Abstract by Southwest Daily Painter~Amy Tuso

Gallery wrapped canvas with painted edges make framing optional!

I have been creating a "Please Touch Series" that begs for the human touch to enhance the visual enjoyment.  I begin by applying a texture building compound to the surface of the canvas and continue to create texture with a palette knife along with imprinting wire into the compound.  The canvas rests for 24 hours allowing complete drying prior to my beginning to add layer after layer of acrylic glazes buffing them as I go along and the painting begins to communicate how to continue.  I finish by painting the 1.5" edges of the canvas with colors that blend and compliment the painting and apply a UV glaze for protection.

By the time my process of creating is complete, the piece feels like leather!  It is a pure joy to run my hand and fingers over the painting allowing my visual experience to unite with my tactile experience.

If you are interested in purchasing this painting or seeing more of my textural pieces, please stop by my website.  Should you desire more information by may contact me there.

Wishing you a blessed day filled with creativity!