Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Echos" Vibrant Color Texture Sculpted Blended Linear Southwest Abstract by Amy Tuso Daily Painter From the Desert Southwest of Arizona

Acrylic and Texture
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"Echos" is highly textured and sculpted with layers upon layers of acrylics and glazes.  The end result is this beautiful, leathery-feeling tactile and visual joy that was inspired by the canyon walls throughout the southwest.

I chose "Echos" as my posting today because I am "hearing" echos in my memories of times gone by where I needed to dig deeply into my soul for the strength to continue forward movement.

It has been a rough 2 months with preparation to completion of moving my mother into assisted living.  She agreed to move and than resisted moving straight through the move.  Although everything was on schedule and worked like "clock work", her apartment is charming with loads of bright light streaming through the windows overlooking a beautiful courtyard she continues to struggle with both her new circumstances and me.

Anyone who has had to become a true parent to their parent understands the enormity of the soul draining energy involved before, during and day-to-day here on out.  The gratifying news is that when I speak with our contact at this community, she informs me that mom is "charming", "liked by everyone" and that she is taking advantage of many programs that are offered...and so when she lashes out at me it is "just because" I am the one who is here and that she feels safe in expressing her inner thoughts and deamons.

I pray on our present circumstance continually and feel His answers blanket me.

This morning I was lead to an old file of mine that had "Gratitude" writings from over 12 years ago.  A portion of one in particular stood out to me....

"I am grateful for the peace and quiet that is usually at my disposal at any given time during the day.  I am so lucky to be able to do anything, anytime that my heart desires.  The peace is here in this house.  The peace is in my heart.  The peace is in my surroundings.  The peace is in my love...I just sometimes forget that all I need to do is stop, breath and enjoy!"

Have a blessed day and allow yourself time to remember just how much you are loved.
peace, light and joy....Amy