Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Thru Her Eyes" Colorful Mountain Majesty Textured Sculped Acrylic Abstract Desert Southwest Sunrise Sunset by Amy Tuso

Textural Acrylic Abstract
Gallery Wrapped Canvas
UV Glaze Protected
$800.00 via my website and secure PayPal

Living in Fountain Hills offers breath-taking views of the McDowell Mountains, Red Rock Mountain, the Superstition Mountains and the Mogollan Rim in the distance.  I view Four Peaks from our balcony and have the honor of greeting Grandfather Sun each morning as he begins announcing his arrival with a flood of multicolored glory in the sky until he crests the peaks and his brilliance overtakes the palette of colors with a golden blinding glow.

Four Peaks were the inspiration for this painting as the sun was setting one day and the mountains took on the purple-mountain majesty that is sung about.  Second by second, minute by minute the colors change and take my breath away.

Our Creator, God, Great Mystery...whatever name rings true in your soul...is the ultimate artist as well as teacher!  Visually He offers comfort from the beauty that surrounds us...if we have the eyes to see it and take the time to absorb it.  Spiritually He offers a continual flow of love...if we have the heart to feel it and allow our souls to embrace it.

Life offers challanges as lessons to be learned...if we allow His guidance to be heard...if we have the ears to hear it and the faith to accept it.

I hope you allow yourself some quiet time in nature as often as possible.  Offer up your gratitude for all that you are and for your life. Tune into His love, guidance and feel His grace enter your soul.  Pass His love onto others...and onto yourself.

Have a blessed day...Amy