Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ad for American Art Collector ~ Mosaic Series 2009

My Ad In
American Art Collector
October 2009

It has been a busy day for me. One of my chores has been cleaning up files and organizing paperwork. In doing so I came across the proof for my ad in the October Collector's Edition of American Art Collector magazine.

Last year I created a "vision line" in my office. Kind of like a "vision board" but I wanted it to be more fluid so decided to use a line created of cotton kitchen string. On my "vision line" I hung many desires and goals. I am very proud to share that many of my "visions" have manifested and being represented in such a prestigious art magazine as American Art Collector is something that I am very proud of.

The gift of "vision" and "believing" all the possibilities in life is wondrous.

I would love to hear of your visions. Drop me a note if you feel like sharing.

Should you feel like exploring more of my "vision" stop by my gallery and dream with me :}

Amy Tuso - Dreamer, Visionary, Artist and Believer