Thursday, August 12, 2010

9 Brushes

I started a new 36"x36"x1.5" oil painting yesterday that will become part of a diptych.   I taught myself to paint originally with oils and would have to say that working in this medium is one of my favorite methods.  I enjoy the buttery feel of the oils and I work with the wonderful brush strokes as the energy and texture created is palpable.  The smell of the oils is enticing to my soul as the paints are worked onto the canvas.

The 9 brushes I used were loaded with residual oil paint and in need of cleaning...not my favorite thing about oils:} The clean up can become a lengthy process.  As it was late in the day when I finished painting, I took the lazy way out and decided that an overnight soak in turpenoid would work out as my first step in restoring the brushes.

When I finished the clean up job this morning and took a look at the pile of brushes resting, it made me smile, inspired this photo and also excites my artistic soul about the next layer of oil to be applied in a few days after allowing the oil ladened canvas some drying time.  I did have to remove it from my small studio as the smell of the curing oil was intense and luckily for me I have the perfect place to help speed the drying process as our garage will reach well over 110 degrees today! 

Ahh...the simple joys in life are the most precious!
Wishing you and yours a very blessed day filled with light and love...Amy

Daily Painter from Fountain Hills Arizona