Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Souls' Journery" Visionary Oil Abstract ~ Amy Tuso

Oil on Gallery Wrapped Painted Edge Canvas

I painted this oil abstract just about one year ago.  The imagine came to me one morning while taking my meditative gratitude prayer walk around the lake.  I had been praying for guidance in moving forward with finding the proper time and care for my mother who was showing sure signs of dementia and Alzheimer's.

The bright windows/doorways represent the choices available...notice that 2 of them are open in the same direction while the remaining opening is going the opposite direction.

The woman in the middle has vague characteristics (which are more prominently seen in person) and upon closer viewing the chakra's are palpating as she is struggling to center herself, find the words to speak her voice, searching her mind's eye looking for answers as to what? why?...and her pure essence is reaching out for guidance to God and the heavens.

My mother and I are another step closer to finally moving her into Fountain View Village here in town.  We signed all of the paperwork after a lengthy day of assessments for her with the staff on Tuesday. 

The energy drain is enormous!  I barely made it through my day yesterday as a limp, wet, noodle and slept for 12 hours nourishing and replenishing my soul. 

My mother doesn't experience the same energy drain as she what??? she doesn't realize the enormity of what is happening~or~is it that she is protected from the enormity as Alzheimer's takes control?  Either way her naivete is a blessing.

My prayer today is that we all find the correct pathway for our loved ones and and always.
Have a blessed day....Amy

amy tuso