Friday, August 13, 2010

"Copper Winged Nude" Angelic Guidance Male Female Burnished Copper Acrylic~ Amy Tuso

Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Black Sides
No Frame Needed

I believe in Angels...actually let me rephrase that...I KNOW that Angels are all around us!
There are Angels in spiritual form as well as Angels walking amongst us directly connected to Spirit.

"To sense the presence of an Angel is to feel the wind surround you"

There is a soft whisper in your ear and heart.  There is a sense of calm that embraces you ever so gently as you feel a slight, tender, brushing touch.  There is a softening of your breath as the twinkle appears in your eyes.

You have been blanketed by an Angel!

This particular painting is beautifully created on a burnished copper acrylic background.  Upon studying the back you come to realize one side appears masculine while the other has feminine curves. 

Just as we in human form carry both male and female traits and do Angels.  Afterall, aren't we all connected...male/female/human/spirit ~ God.

May God bless you and the Angels keep you.  Reach out and be an Angel on Earth to someone today and everyday!

Blessings, peace, light and love...Amy

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Daily Painter from Fountain Hills Arizona
Amy Tuso