Friday, August 20, 2010

"Hasen Gatherer" Oil on Acrylic Sonoran Desert Saguaro Fruit Native American Art~Amy Tuso

Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Living in the McDowell Mountain region of the Sonoran Desert of Arizona offers doorways for my imagination to travel through.  There is a lot of history in these mountains showing that with this climate of extreme heat in the summer and bouts of frost in the winter the people who came before us were true survivors!

Let your imagination focus on this oil painting.  The woman had to make her way across rough terrain to find hasen (fruit of the saguaro) and then using a pole constructed of dried saguaro spines hoisted high above her reach snagged the fruit for a source of food for herself and her family.  Go ahead...continue the story as you see it...

This painting is available through PayPal via my website in the Southwest Gallery.

May your day be a blessed one...Amy