Monday, August 9, 2010

"Summer Kicks" Mixed Media Acrylic Red Converse Sneakers~Amy Tuso~Fountain Hills Arizona

Gallery Wrapped Floating Canvas

If you are not familiar with a "floating canvas" it is a canvas that is constructed in such a way that it can hang in a corner and appear to be flush mounted or you can hang on any flat wall or display on a counter easel.  The edges of "Summer Kicks" are painted black.

This acrylic and mixed media painting came about with a new pair of grey Converse sneakers that Jack bought only to discover that they hurt his feet and he left them by the front door where he had taken them off. 

I appreciate the "old school" appearance of Converse and actually liked they way they looked by the door.  It is our habit of kicking off our shoes prior to entering our house in an effort to keep the dirt and germs on the soles from adhering to the floors.  As I looked at the sneakers I got to thinking about how many other people have the habit of removing their shoes prior to entering their homes...a bet there are a lot of germaphobic people out there like us. 

"Summer Kicks" could easily function as a "leave you shoes at the door" sign or just a really whimsical, smile inducing, fun painting. 

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