Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Colorful Work in Progress of Farmland Barn Hay ~ Amy Tuso Fountain Hills, Arizona

Work in Progress
A few days ago I had posted an earlier photo of this farmland piece in progress and here it is with more work done to it.  I enjoy working with the buttery texture of oil - however it is a much slower process than working with acrylics as drying time is needed so layering can be done or corrections made.  As you can see my perspective on the barn was off and I did not notice the problem until I layed the first coat of oil onto it.  I'm not sure about leaving it yellow - or at least this shade of yellow.  This is part of my creative process...I never or rarely have set colors in mind as I begin to paint.  The piece speaks to me as it progresses and I intuitively choose the colors and tones and blendings. 

All of this involves patience.  Wow...have I been struggling with patience!!  But, it's not unlike the fields that are portrayed in this piece.  There is a long time between the purchasing of the seeds, to the preparation of the fields, to the planting, watering and growing until it can be harvested.  Things grow in their own time...just as we must allow fate to move forward in its' own time.  Anything other than that is manipulation and usually there are repercussions involved if we try to get everything to move, develop or become on our perceived timeframe. 

Let go and let God lead the way, choose the path and deliver us to a destination.  Patience :}

May you find patience, peace, love and light within your soul...Amy©

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