Monday, February 8, 2010

"Sara" ~ Amy Tuso ~ Sonoran Desert of the Southwest

36"x 12" x 1.5"
Textural Layered Acrylic

There are times when photography let's me cannot see the dimension and luminosity in the layered acrylic and glazed piece...I definitely woul benefit from a few photography courses.

This painting changes depending on the lighting and really is a visual pleasure.

My husband and I spent a very pleasant afternoon at The Celebration of Fine Arts in Scottsdale on Saturday.  He picked up a statue from Michael Jones who creates fabulous, unique, original sculptures.  He has a passion for ancient history and prehistoric cultures.  The piece we chose is based on an ancient pictograph from the Billings, Montana area. 

I stopped by Michael's studio today to pick the statue up and it is awaiting my husband's return from work this evening.  Even after a long Monday, I am sure "His Moon Medicine" will erase the tensions of the day.

Have a peaceful night and lightfilled dreams of love...Amy©