Saturday, February 13, 2010

"Heartfelt" Colorful Beautiful Romantic Valentine Heart By Southwestern Daily Painter From Fountain Hills, Arizona ~ Amy Tuso

20" x 16" x .25"
Oil Abstract

I really enjoy working with oils as they bring a buttery feel to the brush strokes.  A fellow artist shared with me that she uses Duo Aqua Oils by Holbein and I had since purchased a variety of coleurs.  They have a wonderful buttery smoothness and are a real pleasure to work with.  The majority of "Heartfelt" is done with Holbein Duo with the artwork continuing around the sides of the canvas making framing optional.

My thought process in creating this piece was home is where my heart is...for within my home there is peace, love, joy, creativity, compassion and just plain ole FUN!  The squares and rectangles represent the loves in my life and what we are together.  The heart emerged as I was laying down the red on that part of the canvas.  As soon as I saw the shape I decided it was meant to be there as a symbol of the emence love I feel for my family.

My wish for you is that you have enormous love within your family and for yourself.  Allow the love to overflow to those who are dear to your heart and your live.  Freely and frequently verbalize your love...

Happy Valentine's Day!

May you find peace, light and love today and all your tomorrows...Amy©