Monday, February 1, 2010

"Spirit Speaker" ~ Amy Tuso ~ Daily Painter from Arizona

"Spirit Speaker"
24" x 8" x 1.5"
Oil on Acrylic
Image is wrapped around side
of gallery wrapped canvas

"Spirit Speaker" is just one of the many paintings that can be found in my "Studio Specials Gallery" on my website. Click onto the Virtual Gallery page and it is the last gallery listed. I am in the process of re-organizing my studio and have several pieces that you can make an offer on in that gallery. Check it out and get in touch with me.

Last week I wrote about my feeling of struggling to hard. I am still "struggling" to reduce my tight grip and am finding it a daily "struggle"! My parents pushed me as a child to be an achiever...this is a good thing however it does tend to bleed over in to most areas of my life. Being an "A" personality comes along with the possibility of becoming ones own worst enemy due to constant judgement and re-evaluation of things. I'm working on this...and I can see that it will be an ongoing, daily task. The irony of this is I am struggling not to struggle! Good Grief! LOL!

I pray that we all can step back from our controlling selves long enough to allow our self to just be who we are. As for me...I'm taking the day off to spend some time with my girlfriends at Celebration of Fine Arts in Scottsdale.

Peace, light, joy and no pressure....Amy©

Amy Tuso~Daily Painter Of Spirit Speakers, Abstracts, Contemporary, Expressionist, Innovative, Intuitive Acrylic, Oil, Textural Originals~Fountain Hills, Arizona