Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Copper Haze" Abstract Oil Painting by Arizona Daily Painter, Amy Tuso

"Copper Haze" 12" x 16" x 1.5"
Gallery Wrapped Oil Abstract
Happy Saturday! The painting that I am sharing today well represents how I am feeling. It is entitled "Copper Haze" and as I have been rather ill the last 3 weeks, today I definitely see improvement...Glory, Glory!!
This is one thing that everyone can identify with I am sure. We all have periods of time when we are under the weather and the longer the illness hangs on, there are those moments when we fall into a self pity party. I, for one, do not enjoy these parties at all and actually have very little tolerance for myself when I allow this to happen.
I use the word "allow" because I firmly believe that we all have the ultimate control as to how we allow our minds to wonder. The trick is catching yourself early on before you are drunk with self pity.
Over the last few weeks I have prayed l and turned things over to God and Great Spirit knowing that with divine guidance my body would speak to me about the lessons I was learning with the experience of this particular illness.
No matter what, no matter how painful or frustrating...there are always positive lessons within and I thank God that I can recognize and learn on an ongoing basis.
I hope everyone has a glory, glory weekend!