Monday, August 31, 2009

"Souls' Journey" ~ Amy Tuso

30" x 30" Oil
This painting tells a story of the journey we all face. There are times that your thought process is gifted with clarity and we know without a doubt which way to go. There are other times that something rocks our world and be it fear or just confusion reign our day. The fact remains, however, that we must find our way and so we do the best we can within and without.
In this painting this woman appears to be floating in a sea of confusion. There are outside forces that are pulling her this way and that. Some are working in tantum as depicted by the direction of the openings and than there is an opposing force - or - is it just a different choice presenting itself?
If you would to view this painting in person or if you go to my virtual gallery
and view this painting with the help of the "magnifier" you can see more than first meets the eye by viewing the woman up close. To the right of her is her "essence" eminating from her soul, reaching upward to the Divine presence that embraces her. She has a very peaceful, although subtle, expression on her face. There are a few chakras that are highlighted as she is having difficulty finding her voice, but yet her heart is bright and she is aware of her "gut" instinct and at peace within her solar plexis.
Somehow, through her confusion, she has a "knowing" that all will unfold as it is meant to be. She has a strong faith and believes that He will lead her or He will place someone in her path that also has her well-being at heart.
I've chosen this painting today as I feel I have been on many journies lately. Some have been difficult. Others have helped me escape. But I have grown with each journey and am blessed and give thanks.
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