Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Cypripedium Lady Slipper Orchid" ~ Amy Tuso

14" x 11" x 1.5" Oil on acrylic background
This appears to be a botanical day for me, as each posting I did on my 2 blogs and for the Abstract Gallery that I'm associated with had me choosing beautiful flowers.
Flowers come from God's paintbox. The colors and textures of each plant are uniquely their own. Although they belong to certain families and share similarities, each flower is a piece of beauty.
I suppose the same could be said for the human race. We are all from the same family but yet, we are all uniquely different. And just as being a member of a specific family, there are always issues and differences to be dealt with in the family unit. Sometimes the difficulties bring us closer and make our unit stronger...other times just the opposite happens and estrangements occur. At times the issues seem to be too heavy to bear but strength can be found within these situations with conscious effort.
As I listen to the news each day, my heart aches. Being part of this extended family of humans, I wish that we would take more time to realize that we all affect each other. I wish that we could deal with our differences with more conscious effort and less ego, less greed, so we could become stronger within and stop the struggling that leads to estrangements. Replace all of that with some understanding and compassion. Afterall, we are all a unique creation from God's paint box.
My wish for today is that you gain a sense of peace and be surrounded by the light and love of the Divine.