Monday, August 24, 2009

"Embellished Deer" ~ Amy Tuso

This fun, whimsical painting was inspired by another artist, Jenny Foster, and is my interpretation of her style.
This is hanging in my guest room and reminds me not to take everything so seriously. My goodness, don't we all have enough things that demand our undivided attention in our life that we must deal with! It is mandatory that we find spaces and places where we can just be in our comfort zone and that is exactly how I want my guests to feel. Relaxed, comfortable, carefree and calm during their stay.
There are many times that I will go into that room and lay down on the bed to just exhale and than inhale the peace and an inevitable smile appears when I open my eyes and look at this charming acrylic and metallic painting.
On this Monday, one of my desires for you is to slowly exhale the demands in your life and deeply inhale the peace and joy that the universe wants you to enjoy. Smile at someone today and enjoy the smile that will appear in return.
Peace be within you today and all your tomorrows...Amy