Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Peace" by Arizona Daily Painter ~ Artist Amy Tuso

20"x 16" x 1.5" Oil on gallery wrapped canvas
This beautiful painting invokes all of us to seek peace within themselves and within our world.
We are in such turmoil throughout this world that it becomes easy as an individual to become somewhat apathetic to all that is happening. We may feel we have no power or influence to change anything. It is my believe that if we take the time to look within ourselves and confront our own demons we can provoke change. It all starts with each one of us. This takes a lot of work and is not just a "one time" deal. Do it daily and gain the sense of calmness for yourself.
Whatever your believe system is, please ask for guidance. Be it from God, Buddha, Great Mystery, Spirit or whomever speaks to your soul - ask for help. Ask with pure intention, with your heart and than listen. Become aware of what is around you. The guidance comes in many guises and you will need to listen to your intuition - but please do listen. When something speaks to your "gut" - listen and move from there.
Pray for humankind, for Mother Earth and Father Sky. Pray for whatever speaks to your soul but please pray for Peace. We can make a difference. If we are peaceful within ourselves we project that peace to others and hopefully they will look within themselves and the peace movement has gained momentum. One person, one soul at a time.
May you have a peaceful day filled with joy, light and love.
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