Friday, August 14, 2009

"Moving Towards The Future" ~ Amy Tuso

"Moving Towards The Future"
As this is the launch on my daily blog, I felt it was appropriate to introduce myself with this particular painting as I am moving towards the future. It is my hope that in sharing my daily journey with you that we may find a common ground. After all, aren't we all taking one step at a time with the hope that we are making positive gains in our lives and the lives of people we interact with.
My journey began 54 years ago in a private hospital located in Ventnor, NJ which was steps away from the Atlantic Ocean. It may explain my love of the sea, the sounds just rock me into a peaceful joy and serene being. I now live in Fountain Hills, AZ. Talk about contrast! But I equally love the Sonoran Desert. I am trained in medical secretarial science and worked for several years in that field becoming a Certified Medical Assistant at the urging of a thoracic surgeon that I was working for at that time. Studying for the Medical Boards was daunting for me and I was so proud when I passed the examination. I married to my wonderful husband and high school sweetheart over 31 years ago. Jack still brings butterflies to my soul when I think of him. Anyway, we bought an electrical supply distribution house and worked side-by-side for 13 years. I "retired" to take care of a health crisis that confronted me, and from there moved on to taking care of my aging relatives. After helping them through to the end of their life I decided a change of scene was needed for my soul to replenish and grow. Jack and I decide to sell our home and relocate to the desert southwest. Over 11 years later, we still love it here! My dad passed a few years ago while he and mom were living in Santa Fe (they got the bug to move also!) and now mom is here with us in Fountain Hills in her condo around the block.
Several years ago I had a near death experience and came out of that with a love of art full of color and joy...and here I am.
I launced my new website earlier this year, connected with Laurie Justic Pace in Texas and Kimberly Conrad in Colorado joining her Daily Abstract Gallery, and decided that it was time that I share my journey with art to anyone who may be interested.
I am "Moving Towards The Future"...and what a wonderful future it is!
I would love to hear from you, so please comment on my paintings, become a follower and feel free to email.