Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Healing Fields" ~ Amy Tuso

“Healing Fields”
Oil Abstract With Emerging Hummingbird

There are times that I hear the name of a painting prior to putting paint to canvas. It usually will happen as I am visualizing the colors and textures I would like to manifest.

This was the case with “Healing Fields” but over the period of time that this painting was actually coming to life it went through a change that surprised me on the final day.

I had an image in my minds eye that an abstract floating flower should be somewhere. However, as I picked up my paint-loaded brush to introduce this flower I had a nagging instinct that a flower was not meant to be afterall.

Almost simultaneously with that thought process I saw this beautiful hummingbird appearing on the canvas. The hummingbird came together almost effortlessly along with a sense of calming.

In Native American culture, the hummingbird represents love, opening the heart to the celestial magic and as it sings its Hummer song there is a vibration of pure joy.

During the process of creating this lovely painting, I knew that this piece was to be "gifted" to a friend of mine. Later at dinner that evening, Jack told me that he thought I should gift her with “Healing Fields”. I had already made this decision prior to hearing Jack say it, which to me was just another acknowlegement that we are all of one thought.

As I have mentioned in the previous days posting, I myself am going through a rough illness and so this particular painting is speaking to me now and asking that I place myself in the "Healing Field" remembering that His divine wisdom and healing hands are holding me.

~Love, light, peace and healing to us all! Have a blessed Wednesday~

"Don't be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality." - Belva Davis