Friday, January 15, 2010

"Brilliant Cloud Formation" ~ Amy Tuso ~ Daily Abstract Painter ~ Fountain Hills, AZ

"Brilliant Cloud Formation"
Oil Abstract

The first image is the original painting as I saw it in my mind and measures 36"x18"x1.5".

The second image is how my imagination is seeing it today and measures 18"x36"x1.5".

All abstract art, in my opinion, should allow the viewer the option of how they want to display it as it "speaks" to their soul. It is this reason that I do not sign the front of my abstract pieces which allows that freedom of choice. My signature is on the back of the canvas along with the name of the piece.

The reason I chose this particular piece is that yesterday I needed some "centering" and decided to sit in the sun on our balcony which overlooks the mountains. As I was praying for some calming to enter and center me I noticed there was one lone, miss-shaped cloud in the sky. I silently sent my intention to the cloud asking if I could use it as a vessel to release my angst. I dug deep within my soul and deliberately placed each upsetting issue/feeling/fear in the seat of the cloud. As I was loading the cloud the bottom color changed and I realized it was full of my intended issues.

I sat silently watching as the cloud began to dissipate and wisps of it disappeared into the sky until there remained one lone, small fluff that drifted off. With this, I realized that I felt much calmer and lighter. I gave thanks to the cloud, the universe and our Creator.

Peace be with you today and all of your tomorrows...Amy©

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