Sunday, January 3, 2010

"Floating Bud" Vibrant Oil Abstract - Amy Tuso

"Floating Bud"

This is one of my favorite paintings. As with all art, viewing the piece in person allows you to see the individual brush strokes that create movement and the colors are true. Even with the most sophisticated photo shop programs, not everything comes through the translation from canvas to image.

Today marks the final day of the holiday season at our house as tomorrow brings back our usual schedules of work, appointments and chores.

It is my desire to move forward into this new year with hope, patience, love and a return to anticipation through the heart of innocence. There is so much sadness, worry, fear...etc. in this world that we can become overwhelmed and carry a sense of impotence. I have made a commitment to myself that I will not become entrapped in all the mess. Instead, I will continue to pray for all of mankind and turn the rest over to God. This will allow my inner child to come out and play, create, laugh and pass joy onto others.

Have a blessed day filled with laughter...Amy©