Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Story Within" ~ Amy Tuso ~ Sonoran Desert Southwest

"Story Within"

Here it is New Year's Eve and as many of you are saying "Where did this year go?" so am I. What a year of ups and downs...but isn't that life? It's how we handle our daily life that truly determines the pathways we choose.

For myself, I have found this year to be one of huge growth. Where I had joys...I celebrated with a happy heart. Where I had sorrows...I allowed my soul to embrace the true essence of sadness and released the heaviness to the heavens. Where I confronted fear...the entire process of fear...I hugged my inner child, prayed to God our Creator, forgave the offender so it did not turn into a debilitating anger and rested in knowing that He would lay His blanket of protection on me, my loved ones and our home/sanctuary. Where my creativity manifested...I rejoiced. Where I had doubt...I held onto my confidence and took another step.

On this New Year's Eve, I plan on celebrating all that I am...all that my life is...all of my blessings, and I humbly give thanks to God.

My wish for you is that you walk through your personal trials with you head held high, your heart filled with love and peace in your soul.

Happy New Year to you and yours!©

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Peace, light and love...Amy :}