Monday, December 7, 2009

"Not Thai" #1 ~ Amy Tuso ~ Fountain Hills, AZ

"Not Thai" #1
10"x10"x1.5" Gallery Wrapped
Heavily textured, glaze upon glaze, acrylic
This jewel toned gem is part of a diptych. I'll post it's mate next time. Each piece works well alone but are a visual journey when displayed together. I really am enjoying creating my "Please Touch" series. Allowing my hands and fingers the pleasure of exploring each canvas upon completion is a wonderful tactile experience.
You may question the title I've chosen. There is a story within the name, which I will share with you when I post these paintings as a diptych :}
As I am writing this post there is a gentle winter rain falling. Living in the desert southwest we rarely see rain. In fact this year we have had very, very little and are in dire need of the nourishment that rain brings to our desert inhabitants. It is cold for us "lizards" and although I am very grateful for the rain, a day here without sunshine is just plain weird! There is an entirely different vibe in the air along with the clean, sweet smell from the heavens.
So today I am grateful for my life, the life of my loved ones, my blessings and the abundance within my life. The abundance of love, hope, creativity, joy and God's light and love. Each night I ask that He blanket me with his protection and guide me for another day. I ask that He teach me my lessons and help me learn them so I may move forward. I offer myself to Him as a vehicle of His light and love, so I may pass it on to others. He hears me...and I'm filled with gratitude. I'm also very grateful for this winter rain as I can hear the cactus and plant life, the birds and creepy crawlers sighing in relief.
Peace to you...Amy©