Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Not Thai" #2 and as a Diptych ~ Amy Tuso ~ Arizona

"Not Thai" Diptych 10"x20"x1.5"

Here is the 2nd part of "Not Thai" along with them together as a diptych, as promised. Now you may be thinking that the name of this diptych is strange, so let me explain.

A few weeks ago we had dinner with friends at a recommended Thai restaurant in Scottsdale. I had never eaten Thai before and my husband and I really enjoyed the food. One day last week we decided to get takeout from the Thai restaurant as I would be working in my studio all day. So as I'm working on this piece of art, I was thinking of how wonderful our Thai dinner would be. Jack happened to leave work about 1/2 hour earlier than usual that day and when I tried to phone in the order for him to pick up, the Thai restaurant was not yet open. Get it..."Not Thai" was named. We did have a great Chinese takeout dinner...but it certainly was not Thai! Ah, the birth of title for my new art:}

The sunrise this morning was spectacular with pinks, baby blue, orange, golden yellow and speckled clouds gracing the sky over the mountains. It stopped me in my tracks as I walked past our balcony windows and I immediately, without thinking, fell into my morning prayer of gratitude. I'm grateful for many aspects of my life and this morning I am particularly grateful for sleeping through the night for the first time in weeks without disturbing memories of recent events creeping into my consciousness. So simple of thing...but so huge at the same time.

Peace to you on this cold late fall day...Amy©