Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Passages" ~ Amy Tuso ~ Daily Painter

Textured Acrylic

"Passages" is so newly completed that I have not had the opportunity to add it to my website. Hopefully, I will find the time to accomplish that today.

I really am enjoying creating these highly textured pieces. This process allows me to express my emotions vividly and once completed, I love running my fingers and hands over the artwork with my eyes closed interpreting the tactile impressions.

So...today is a court appearance for the home invasion we had the misfortune of being the victims of mid-November. So many emotions tied up in this mess! In speaking with law enforcement and our prosecutor, I have been enlightened to the enormous drug and alcohol abuse problems that are within our society. It's not that I've been living under a rock...goodness...I was a Flower Child of the 70's...

I think what has me so freaked about all that is going on is that there does not seem to be a way out for a lot of people who may have started their drug addiction with just "experimenting" thinking that it's just a one -time try only to find the power of the drug overtakes and becomes them. Law enforcement can only do so much and here is AZ the course of action is to put the offenders in jail for a while. This does not address the problem of the addiction and once they are released, the drugs overtake their lives again. As Innocent bystanders, we can become victims of their addictions simply by virtue of their violence overcoming our private space and personal sanctuaries. Not to mention the tax burdens of the public for all that is involved in court time, jail time, emergency room visits....etc., etc., etc.....

Our home invasion has been costly financially to us with repairs and now my husband is faced with a series of blood testing as he was covered with the invaders blood.

Will we ever see any reimbursement? I honestly do not know. Will I ever have a good, solid-nights sleep filled with sweet dreams again....in time, but in the meanwhile, night terrors haunt me. Will my husband be declared free from HIV and hepatitis? God willing!!

So I go about my daily chores and the creating process of my joyful art. I pray for God's guidance and protection...not only for myself...but for all of His creation.

Peace and blessings....Amy©