Friday, December 11, 2009

"Geometric 8" ~ Amy Tuso ~ Arizona Daily Painter

Geometric 8
26” x 30”
Free Flowing Canvas

I played with numbers and a few letters and when numerology is applied, the number 8 emerges.

This is an acrylic, glaze, acrylic, glaze, acrylic, glaze creation on canvas which looks fabulous hanging as is or you could dress it up anyway that speaks to you.
Time seems to be moving so quickly. As a child I can remember adults saying this same thing and thinking they were crazy because it seemed to crawl at that point in my life. I'm thinking that this fleeting feeling is not only due to being busy juggling so many things, but also because I'm witnessing so much and realizing I have absolutely no control but must "go with the flow".
I'm also acknowledging that parenting my mother, who is 82 and who told me last week - and I quote -"you didn't tell me everyhting when you were a teenager either" as if she was a teenager. In her mind, I suppose that's how she saw herself that particular day. Good Grief! She thinks I'm her mother and relies so heavily that I act like her mom! Anyway, time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping...into the future..............
Have a great and safe weekend.