Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Almost There" ~ Amy Tuso ~ Daily Artist From Arizona

"Almost There"

10"x10" Textured Acrylic on Canvas Board

In studying this piece one can imagine a distant city in the background behind the glare of headlights...or at least that is what emerges for me. It's as if something is "just beyond" my view.

I've chosen this piece to share with you today as we are "Almost There" in regard to our court hearing yesterday. The justice system is not a perfect world to say the least! However, even though we were forced to defend our position against the person who invaded our home as they attempted to dispute and justify what they did in forcing their way into our home, justice prevailed.

I am not a person who seeks out confrontation and found it very uncomfortable to be placed in the position of sitting across from someone who I am very frightened of...but with the grace of God and having done my research regarding police records from the night of our home invasion...I presented a sound, calm, strong case and the Order of Protection for both my husband and myself stands!

The next hurdle will be the Criminal Damage hearing if the perpetrator shows up at court. If not we will just have to rest in the knowledge that a Warrant for their arrest will stand within the state of Arizona.

And so....we are almost there!!

Peace, love and light...Amy©