Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Gatherer" by Amy Tuso~Daily Painter from Fountain Hills, AZ

24" x 20" x 1.5"
Oil on Acrylic background

My father had a favorite hymn that I always connected with Thanksgiving as that was the time as children we would sing it in school. I'm not 100% positive of the title by the first few words are..."We gather together to ask the Lord's blessing..."

There are times when I am doing my morning meditative walk around the lake that this song will repeat over and over in my mind, heart and soul. It is during those times that I literally "feel" my father's presence with me and we communicate. To me, reconnecting with my dad is one of the great blessings in my life and I am always left with a feeling of calmness, confidence and love.

Today the Arizona skies have cleared to a beautiful robin's egg blue and the surrounding mountains are snow capped. The air is crisp and clean and the sun is shining brightly! On this crisp, clear, beautiful Sunday morning I ask for the Lord's blessing and am so very grateful for his abundance in my world.

It is my deep intent to plead with God, Great Mystery and the Universe to help heal this nation and its' people. We are in crisis in so many, many aspects! I pray that he blanket us with his love, protection and healing and give thanks.

May you have a blessed Sunday and week ahead...peace, light and love...Amy©

Amy Tuso ~ Daily Painter from Arizona of Abstract, Contemporary, Expressionist, Innovative, Intuitive, Acrylic, Oil and Mixed media Originals.