Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Tin Roof Red Barn" ~ Amy Tuso ~ Daily Painter Of Original Oils and Acrylics

"Tin Roof Red Barn"
18" x 24" x 1.5"

Last week I received word from Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale that they would like to represent my artwork! Fantastic!

"Tin Roof Red Barn" is a featured new work piece for Xanadu on their website. Another fantastic!! Can you tell that I'm pleased about this new development :}

I've been painting for close to 10 years and when I decided last year to start marketing my art more aggressively, I was filled with many thoughts. There was so much to do to bring my name and my art to the attention of the art world and public. I have a very solid base in business and business management which is proving to be a major blessing. However, there are times when I start feeling overwhelmed with the business aspect and not having enough time to just paint!

I have found that recently I am my own worse enemy in that I place struggles upon myself instead of just taking one step at a time.

In 1996 I experienced a wonderful spiritual journey and during my meditative sauna sweats I began "automatic writing" from Spirit. Recently Spirit reminded me of these writings and directed me into re-reading them. Wow! In reading these dictations again I am amazed at the lessons and teachings.

Yesterday during my meditative morning walk, Spirit told me to stop struggling. I was reminded that the first "automatic writing" was entitled "Struggling". I re-read this piece yesterday and would like to share a portion here with you...

"You're trying too hard - stop struggling. Come within the darkness. Redefine your goals. There is an ancient inside trying to emerge. Look in the mirror, see both male and female sides. Stop questioning and accept. Slow down - moving too fast."

Sitting in reflection, in my minds' eye I see and smell the marshes. In this safe place a final message is given to me. I am told..."Listen with your heart, it will come."

November 1996©

And so, I have listened with my heart and am following my passion...and it has begun...

Have a blessed day filled with light, love and peace...Amy©

Amy Tuso - a humble artist from the shores of South Jersey to the high desert of Arizona