Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Reaching" by Amy Tuso~Arizona Daily Painter~Fountain Hills

36" x 12" x 1.5"
Textural Acrylic

I am so pleased with the way this piece came together. It is part of my texture series that begs to be touched! The colors are super vibrant with many customized colors.

The last few days have been busy with both creating and connecting. I had a request from the Phoenix Herpetological Society to help with their fundraiser and decided to donate 2 of my paintings for the silent auction. Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting the president of the society and his charming wife. They told me that it is not easy to get funding for their society as they don't have "cutesy" animals but their needs are great as so many people buy reptiles as pets not realizing that they do grow. I was happy to help support their nonprofit organization as all creatures are God's creatures!

The fundraiser will be held on 2/26/10 at the Phoenix Zoo. If anyone is interested in helping or attending, check out their website

Peace, light and love...Amy©

Amy Tuso~Daily Painter~Fountain Hills~AZ